Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Been Quiet Around Here

I know I haven't been keeping up here as I had intended.  Life has gotten a bit busy and I was away on a couple of trips.  The one most affecting my work here has been my trip to the Yukon for a week with my dad.

Digression Alert!: I think it's important to have a strong relationship with one's parents, and for the case I writing about here, it's because I want my sons to know how important my relationship is with my father and how important my father is in my life.  Because nearly all of my family lives in California, I don't get to see them often.  So my wife has been generous and understanding enough to let me go and have a father-son vacation for a week.  The trip to the Yukon was our trip this year.

So while I was gone, my wife had to manage getting all three sons to bed, which is no easy feat when both of us are in the house.  The result was long evening walks until she nearly had to fireman carry the kids up the street, up the stairs and flop them into bed. The pattern was established and now the twins stay up much later than they had.  It may have been coming for a while since we've been having trouble getting them to sleep for a while, but I still wish they went to sleep earlier.  They definitely need it.

I bet you can can guess what this has to do with this blog.  When I finally get back downstairs around 10 pm, I have lots to do with little energy to do it.  Writing has suffered.  I also haven't been as inspired as I usually am.  Writing beget writing, and I haven't been doing it.  This is my attempt to jump start this blog.  Our family has been doing some more interesting things lately, so I hope to write about some of them.  And despite some real frustrations (particularly as we near bedtime), I've really come to appreciate my family in a new way.  It has reaffirmed yet again what is important in my life. 

Stay tuned, there will be more here soon. 

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