Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reading Party

Twin M has been making some leaps in his reading ability and he's decided to start sharing those leaps a bit by reading books aloud.  We've tried to encourage his reading and sharing, so when he said he wanted a reading party, we agreed.  So we invited some of their friends over. 

We weren't really sure what to expect from a reading party (I've never been to one). Some reading happened, including the picture above, and then things shifted a bit to a more traditional five year old party.  We played and laughed, ate pizza, and had cupcakes with frightening blue frosting with sprinkles.  It ended with a good run through the sprinkler.    

All three boys love reading more than I did at their age.  My mother said how much she wished she could have read more to me, but I wouldn't sit still.  I hope the boys maintain their love of reading and I plan to do what I can to encourage it.  Here's a little research on the benefits of reading to small children.  Here are some resources from the University of Michigan about reading.  But really, as I suspect you all know, simply reading to children is the key. 

As the boys learn to read, I realized that I will be able to do less and less of it.  I can see their independence growing daily and I suspect that will happen with reading as well.  And I hope my love of reading to the boys will grow into of love of reading with the boys, sitting around the breakfast table reading the paper as I did with my parents.  Or simply sitting in the living room or on the back deck sharing funny passages from books or graphic novels or magazines. 

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  1. Great post! I read to both my boys, and they loved stories that rhymed, early on. Both of my boys remember these stories, word for word, even years later. We still do read together as a family, although we each read our own material according to our interests. Maybe this summer, I will host a neighborhood "reading party" for the elementary schoolers right before the new school year begins...