Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Cats

I used to think our cat was crazy because she just doesn't care what people in our house do to her.  She takes tremendous abuse from our littlest one, and all she does is cry and roll over.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of her:
Now I know she isn't unique because I stumbled across this.


  1. I think you're very lucky to have such a good-natured cat. Most of mine wouldn't tolerate me if I wasn't the chief chef and pooper-scooper. Besides, every cat uh friend.

  2. Cute kitty :) What did the kids name her? We have two cats. We call the male "the orange doggy" because you can ruff him up just like a dog and he never does anything about it, and he rarely purrs. It's a family joke that he's really a dog disguised as a cat, even though my daughter gets mad about it. She'll pet him for 20 minutes trying to get him to purr to prove he's a cat. It's a hoot. He also likes to head butt whoever's on the coach for attention, then when you do pet him, he drools all over you. I never knew cats drool. Now I hear about it all the time.