Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sneezy Wheezy

I want to introduce you do the twins latest super hero: Sneezy Wheezy.  This one deserves a bit of an introduction.  In one of the recent windstorms, a giant silver maple tree fell from our neighbor's house across the street.  It feel into our intersection, took out a massive limb from one of our trees, and became the playground de jour until the City took it away two days later.  The picture above doesn't really do the tree justice.  It was massive -- and apparently rotten inside.  Our next door neighbors, who are wonderful with our boys, were joking that the twins must have knocked the tree over with their sneezes.  Well that created a sneeze-storm of sorts every time the twins see those neighbors.  One of neighbors suggested the twins make up a super hero named Sneezy, or something similar, and Sneezy Wheezy was born.  So, with no further ramblings, let me introduce Sneezy Wheezy.

Sneezy Wheezy 
  • sneezes bad guys into jail
  • is really stretchy [Ed. note: imagine Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl]
  • is very strong
  • used to live on a planet called Sneezy Wheezy -- that's how he got his name
  • when he was a baby he sneezed a lot and then Sneezy Wheezy, the planet, blew up
  • and he wasn't in his rocket in time and that is why he is so stretchy
[Ed. note: the last two bullets seem to have roots in Superman, and I think the rocket was similar to the one Superman took to earth, but obviously Superman got into his rocket in time, thus he isn't stretchy like Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl.  I can finally get some sleep understanding why Superman isn't stretchy now.  Whew.]


  1. I think Sneezy Wheezy might have madee a pit stop at our house this week! He might consider delivering Kleenex when he visits, kind of like Santa!

  2. Maybe Sneezy Weezy also knocked over out tree in Clarkston! That is a shocking tree, but it is a great thing that the neighborhood can joke about it. That nickname will probably stick with him forever. Very cute!