Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toddler in Overhead Compartment?

I've had a bit of outrage lately.  The news and interwebs have been covering lots of toddlers getting duct taped to walls or tape over their mouths or other ridiculous forms of child abuse that parents find funny enough to post to Twitter, Facebook, or send via phone to friends (here and here).  In the second case I link to the parents were high and thought it was funny.  I can't even really comment on that one I find it so offensive and disturbing.  Let's just say I couldn't be an unbiased juror in their case to avoid the abuse they will experience with their jail time. 

With all the stories about kids duct taped, I was only partially surprised when I read about a flight attendant who, as a joke, put a toddler in the overhead compartment on a Virgin Airline flight (here). Though the stories I read on this don't have much detail, I also wonder how the flight attendant got a hold of the toddler.  What were the parents doing while the flight attendant had the toddler? What the hell?

Who thinks that's funny, besides drug-addled, abusive parents in Nebraska? 

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  1. Ugh, hadn't seen those. 2nd one so disturbing. The sippy one where he is so upset. Just 2. Just a baby. Sadly, duct tape or no, those sorts of forceful, humiliating acts are done by many parents in various forms. No respect. I only hope the parents in question see the stupidity in their behavior. What are the chances? Sigh.