Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy vs. Girl Advertising Language

Below are two word clouds created by Crystal Smith over at The Achilles Effect for a post exploring the language of advertisements for boys and girls.  Go to the post here for a better view.  I don't think I need to belabor the point about how our society reinforces gender stereotypes.  But it was interesting seeing the clouds and then reading Smith's methodology. Check it out.

From a personal perspective, we've tried to not to reinforce some of the stereotypes, and in some ways we've been successful.  Our boys interests cross between the words on those clouds quite fluidly.  But I know the older they get the more society will influence their lives.  I hope when that happens they will be comfortable enough with who they are to remain so.

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  1. i was taken aback the other day at target, when we were looking for buzz wings. going up and down each aisle, just to be sure they weren't there. we went down an aisle with a bunch of baby dolls and micah declared that aisle to be full of 'girl toys'. it was shocking to me, but i guess he's over it, since he was 'pretending to be a girl' today.