Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Can Try

I've decided to try and capture some of the fun or interesting conversations that go on in our house. I don't think they'll be particularly unique or insightful, but they might be fun.  So here is the first:

Yesterday our youngest bit me.  It's unusual for him and he was playing around, but I wasn't thrilled.  I calmly told him biting was not okay.  He tried again, and I stopped him.

Victim: Please don't bite me.  Biting is not okay.  It hurts.

Photo by Salvatore Rabito Alcón

Biter: I eat you.

Victim: (Smile) No, you cannot eat me.

(Shockingly brief pause.)

Biter: I can try.


  1. So funny! Your biter is very determined! :)

  2. i think you've got a little rule-bender on your hands! (or maybe a lawyer? a scientist? philosopher?) perhaps too early to speculate...