Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light Box

One of the twins told me he liked to trace things.  It was news to me, but I thought it would fun to make all the boys a light box so the could trace things, which they did seem interested in doing.  It took a while, but I made it mostly from materials in my basement.  Here it is:

It was fun to make, and despite my mistakes along the way, it worked out pretty well.  I wish the lights were brighter, but they work.  It's also been sitting near where this picture was taken, unused, since I made it.  Despite my whine, I'm not too bothered.  They may come back to it later, maybe years later, and it was fun to make.  It's nice that I have a bit more time to work on projects like this. 

It was also fun watching our youngest try to ride his bike onto it. 


  1. I always wished I had a light box as a kid - or one of those lit desks like an architect. I loved tracing different pieces of images to create something new. What a great thing to have around, even if they aren't using it now. I bet they're telling their friends what a cool dad they have.

  2. can you at least please tell how to do it :(

    im an architecture in 2nd year, im looking foward to make diy lightbox hope you'd like to share