Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daddy Blogs

 Okay, now that I've posted about the dearth of father blogs, I'm finding them all over the place.  Single Dad Laughing is blowing up on the internet.  Backpacking Dad seems to have picked up the pace (though of late with lots of guest blogs).  Then an friend tipped me off to a blog, Rice Daddies, that had the following video.  I'm not a big fan of the "news" show in which talking heads sit around and make stupid small talk, especially when it's the mainstream media.  But since I whined publicly about it, I thought I should point out that there are lots of father blogs/websites out there.  I'm going to withhold a bit of judgment at this point on my recent discoveries since I opened my mouth prematurely a few days ago.  Here's the video if you care.  I'm not sure it's worth watching (how's that for an endorsement), but it is about fathers online.

As noted on Rice Daddies, there are a couple of interesting statistics that show up at the end.

p.s. Thanks kh. 

EDIT: Okay, as a means of procrastination I've looked at three of the websites of those interviewed in the CNN clip above.  I stand my my original claim.  On one of them, I clicked on a link of the "most commented" post.  19 comments.  Really?  On Soulemama there were 19 posts to her This Moment post in fewer than 12 minutes.  I'm not kidding.  As of this writing, there are 208 comments. The post below that, 236.  Single Dad Laughing does get a high number of comments, so people are reading and commenting there, at least.  It makes me question CNN's selection of bloggers. 

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